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As it has always been, the struggle neither truly changes nor ends in the world of Counter-Strike, which is just as reflective of the current military tension in the globe today as it was a decade ago. There will always be the Terrorists, ready to use radical methods in order to advance their cause, and there will always be the Counter-Terrorist forces (CTs), who, as defined by their team name, are dedicated to stopping the plot of their terrorist adversaries. And the side that will emerge victorious depends on fulfilling the objectives they are assigned with, which is in turn dependent on the game modes and maps.

In true-blue original Counter-Strike fashion, the conflict between two factions is still contained in maps. But this is no longer just CS 1.3; this is CS:GO, and the game has had new features that have made it more casual-friendly. It is more replayable and more relevant to a fresh new scene of the gamers that want more variety in their game. One of these brand new additions would be the freedom to choose among the five modes that dictate the objective in a map:

  • Classic Casual and Competitive – two of the most-played and most well-known game modes of all, both are round-based modes where the two teams must either fulfill the objective assigned to them, or eliminate the opposition, and are given time to purchase weapons and equipment before the round begins. There are two types of scenarios for classic mode maps: Bomb and Hostage.
  • Deathmatch – a ten-minute match wherein players from both teams kill as many enemies as possible. Players respawn as soon as they die and are given the chance to go for either a random gun given to them upon respawning, or get for free their gun of choice a few seconds after the respawn. The team with the player who has the most points wins.
  • Arms Race – a deathmatch-like mode where players are given a specific weapon that they need to make two kills (one if enemy leader) with in order to be given a new weapon. The player who uses the golden knife, the last weapon the game mode will give a player, in a kill, emerges victorious.
  •  Demolition – a game mode similar to a bomb scenario classic mode, except players cannot choose weapons, and are instead given one from a predetermined set. In addition, both teams have to detonate a bomb, but unlike in a casual scenario, there is only one bomb site.

Buying A Counter Strike Account

Aside from the new game modes, other notable new element would be the leveling up system of the CSGO Account. From level 1, your account can climb the ladder and gain a higher rank. In addition, you can gain new items – skins, chests, and coins, just to name a few – as a reward for both leveling up and exemplary in-game skill. And because of the inclusion of these features, a CS:GO market for the trading of in-game items has emerged, as there is no in-game currency. This means the need to sell and buy CSGO accounts has become common practice, as players are looking for things that can elevate their CS:GO experience.

The problem, however, is that the world of online player-to-player trading is a big and dangerous place that has swindlers lurking in forums and e-commerce sites. There are many players who would like to buy a Counter Strike account, only they might shell out their hard-earned money for nothing. Thankfully, there are legit sites where you can be certain that you are in good hands. One of them would be My CSGO Account.

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