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CSGO Prime Accounts

CSGO Prime Accounts are a new feature introduced by the Valve CSGO. The Prime Account is distinct from other accounts in that players must link the account to their mobile number. This is required because a player can only link one account to one phone number. This tends to discourage players from having too many accounts, using throwaway accounts, or switching to another account when their primary account cools down.
A prime account is distinguished by the fact that players with this account are only matched with other players with CSGO prime accounts. This improves the gameplay experience while also keeping players honest. Players are also matched with other players who have the same level of skill and are all using their primary account in this sort of way.

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In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of buying a CSGO account, the different types of accounts available, and what to look for when purchasing one.

Benefits of buying a CSGO account

Buying a CSGO account for sale has several benefits, including:

  1. Saves time and effort – Ranking up in CSGO requires time, effort, and dedication. Buying an account eliminates the need to start from scratch and saves you time and effort.

  2. Access to higher ranks – Higher-ranked accounts have access to more features and competitive matches, which can improve the overall gaming experience.
  3. Play with friends – If your friends have high-ranked accounts, buying an account for yourself can allow you to play with them on an equal footing.
  4. Customizable accounts – When you buy a CSGO account for sale, you can often customize the account to your liking, including selecting the rank, number of wins, and other features.

Types of CSGO accounts for sale

There are several types of CSGO accounts for sale, including:

  1. CSGO Fresh Accounts – These are new accounts that have not yet been ranked. They are a good option for players who want to start from scratch but do not want to spend time in the lower ranks.
  2. CSGO Prime Accounts – Prime accounts are those that have been linked to a phone number and have played enough matches to be verified. They have access to exclusive game modes and are considered to have a better quality of matchmaking.
  3. CSGO High Ranked Accounts – High-ranked accounts are those that have already achieved a high rank, usually Global Elite or Supreme Master First Class. These accounts are more expensive but offer access to exclusive features and match-ups.

What to look for when buying a CSGO account

When purchasing a CSGO account for sale, there are several factors to consider, including:

  1. Account history – It’s important to check the account’s history and ensure that it has not been banned or involved in any fraudulent activities.
  2. Account details – Look for accounts with a high number of wins, a high rank, and access to prime matchmaking.
  3. Trustworthy seller – Make sure to buy from a reputable seller with positive reviews and a good track record.
  4. Payment security – Ensure that the payment method is secure and protected against fraud.


Buying a CSGO account for sale can be an excellent option for players who want to save time, effort, and improve their overall gaming experience. There are several types of accounts available, each with its benefits and features. However, it’s important to do your research and find a trustworthy seller with a good track record to ensure that you get a high-quality account that meets your needs.

CSGO Prime Accounts for sale

We offer Prime accounts at the best rates, and we have been in the market since 2016. We have a huge variety with all the game’s ranks, and our professional boosting team boosts it. These are primes that have been bought from steam, so you get unrestricted steam accounts to add friends and use the community market. We have all the ranks ranging from Silver 1 to Global Elite so that you can purchase and get the account instantly without any waiting time.

CSGO Prime Accounts

CSGO prime accounts give you Prime Status, which lets you only to play against other Prime CSGO players. This means that playing with only prime accounts, the CSGO match results in less chance of playing with cheaters. You can get prime status for your account in two different ways. You can reach level 21 in your CSGO profile, or you can purchase Prime Status from CSGO Steam Store. It can be time-consuming. Usually, it is faster and cheaper to buy cheap CSGO Accounts. Here you will find many CSGO Prime Accounts for sale.

CSGO Smurf Accounts

CSGO smurf accounts are similar to CSGO ranked accounts. CSGO ranked accounts lets you play with your friends and other players from different ranks, and different skill levels. If you buy CSGO smurf account, you can enjoy and play with different weapons and playstyles at a lower level and etc. These cheap CSGO accounts are the best way to enjoy Counter-Strike Global Offensive. If you want to buy CSGO Accounts from trusted sellers, for a cheap price, is the best place to buy CSGO Smurf accounts.

How to buy CSGO Accounts

Looking to buy CSGO accounts? Here’s a quick guide how to get started:
  1. Look through the listed CSGO accounts and pick the one that fits your needs the most
  2. Make sure to read the description of the offer to make sure everything works for you
  3. Click „Buy Now“ button and make a payment with your preferred payment method
  4. Once the payment is confirmed, a chat room will appear where you can connect with the seller
  5. Depending on the delivery time, you will be receiving your Counter Strike account details in specified time frame (most of the time it is instant)
  6. With given details, log in into your new account, make necessary changes and enjoy your new CSGO account.
If you run into any trouble, every seller is ready to help with setting up the account and will help you to make sure the CS:GO Account is fully transferred. When you are done with your purchase, make sure to leave appropriate feedback to the seller, it is optional but every feedback helps sellers thrive and stand out from others.

csgo accounts for sale

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